Monday, December 8, 2014

Rafale M3 retrofit starts

[october 3rd, 2014] The Rafale M3 (last of the Rafale M F1 which weres stored at Landivisiau air base), is starting its retrofit to the F3 standard.

 The first to be retrofited, the M10 was delivered to the French Navy last October. According to the pictures of the plane, it was fitted with a PESA radar and its original missile warning System (ie, not the DDM-NG)

The last of the Rafale which will be retrofited is the M1, currently being used by the French flight test center(CEV)at the Istres Air base.

Source : Cols Bleus

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Video : Nuclear strike with the Rafale

Follow the different steps of a Rafale flight during a nuclear strike :
  • Take off on alert
  • Air refueling
  • Low altitude, high speed penetration (300 ft/500 kt) using automatic terrain following
  • Engagement of ennemy aircrafts
  • ASMP-A nuclear missile firing