Friday, April 27, 2012

Rafale ill-treated by Typhoon ?

© A.JEULAND / Armée de l'Air
According to the latest Eurofighter World publication, Rafale from Saint Dizier had troubles in coping with RAF Typhoon from the No.3(F) Squadron :

The two aircraft have met several times during Dissimilar Air Combat Training and in almost all the encounters, Typhoon emerged with significantly better performances.

As stated to Eurofighter World by an Italian Air Force pilot who recently had a chance to enter into ‘combat’ against Rafale over the Tyrrenian sea : “It was an interesting duel. They are still trying to find where we were as we were flying and shooting at them well above the maximum flying envelope allowed to the Rafale” !

Interestingly, this extract comes after an introduction according to which "It has until now, been uncommon to see Eurofighter Typhoon and Rafale working together in a friendly way". Have they forgotten what happened in Al Dhafra and in Corsica ? Were the people at Eurofighter communication department eager to be finally allowed to publish such things ?

Of course, such statements have to be taken into account... As usually, without details, it's hard to draw conclusions, and as expected, both aircraft are very good. One can expect such articles to be  published from times to times on both sides !

 Examples here : Pilots claims about Rafale vs Typhoon after actual encounters.