Saturday, October 23, 2010

Additional information on the Rafale training squadron

ETR0.092 squadron mission is to conduct the iniatial training of the Rafale pilots. The last issue of air actualite gives some new details about the means and goals of the squadron :
  • 6 air force and 2 navy junior pilots trained each year
  • 15 experienced pilots and NOSA (WSO) transformed on the the Rafale each year
  • 20 flight and simulator instructors
  • 4 simulator cockpits with nearly 360° field of view
  • 9 months of training for each trainee
  • 70 rafale flights
  • 40 simulator flights
Initial capabilities taught to the pupils:
  • Rafale systems basic knowledge
  • Air combat
  • Interception using the RBE-2 radar
  • Air security enforcement procedures
  • Air refueling

picture 1 : 2 of the 4 simulator cabins
pictures 2 : Rafale instructor (callsign Kubiak)

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