Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MMRCA, Bids to be opened November 4

Original picture © Dassault Aviation - K. Tokunaga
Livefist Blog is reporting that Dasault Aviation and EADS have been Invited to the India Ministry of Defense for the opening of the bids on November 4.

"According to procedure, the contents of both bids will be read out to all present and then signed by all members of the Contract Negotiation Committee"

So, apparently there is a 2 weeks time shift in the initial schedule stated on October 8. Therefore we can expect the winning bid to be revealed at the end of November, early December.

Source: livefist

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  1. beeing an indian i seriously pay to god to make rafale win,french are the only ones apart from russians to have given modern military technology to india ever since independence,,be it mystere,or ouragan,or jaguar or mirage 2000/2000-5 (after upgradation)..so it makes sense that rafale will be the next bird in not only indian air force but also indian navy for its IAC-2 FUTURE 65000 TONNE AIRCRAFT CARRIER