Saturday, December 10, 2011

Centaures, a new comic book staring the Rafale

Centaures is a new comic book from Eric Loutte (Biggles) and Emmanuel Herzet staring the Rafale fighter jet. The 2 Belgian authors had the opportunity to spend 1 week onboard the Charles De Gaulle Aircraft carrier to gather priceless technical informations, feelings and pictures for their work. They also went to the Landivisiau Rafale simulation center for 3 days.

All the technical details have been checked and approved by 2 French Navy Officers, Commander Fabre and Rafale pilot Captain Guillaume Jacob which is a garanty for high realism.

A dozen of pages of the comic book can be seen on their web site as well as several videos from the French Navy.

More high resolution pages here and production drawing here

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a verry big fan of Rafale, and i have a military site in romanian language. I read constantly your blog and i think you can know more about one recent news.

    Unfortunatelly, i did not find an e-mail adress to contact you, so i will wrote here thata news:

    "French-made Rafale aircraft are likely to fight with the plane made ​​in China, JF-17, to fight over contract Serbian Air Force fleet rejuvenation. State ex-Yugloslavia it has budgeted about 1 billion euros ($ 11.8 billion) to buy about 12 new aircraft."Ideally, we would need about 12-16 new aircraft to secure our airspace. One billion euros I think fairly," said an official with the Serbian Defense Ministry told ******* on Friday (16/12/2011) local time.In a separate occasion, Serbian Air Force Chief of Staff Brigadier General Ranko Zivak say, the Kemenhan Serbia will invite manufacturers from around the world plane to make an offer next year.Some Serb fighter who ogled among others Sukhoi Su-30 from Russia, the F-16 and F/A-18 from the U.S., Sweden's Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon from the European consortium, the Rafale from France, and the JF-17 from China.AU Serbia is currently living with three MiG-29 and about a dozen old MiG-21 aircraft from the Soviet Union era. Most of the ancient Serbian air force because of unkempt damaged after it got from the UN arms embargo-related involvement in the Balkan wars in the era of the 1990s. Some fleet of MiG-29 Serbian also destroyed in NATO bombing campaign in 1999.According to the magazine's defense Zivak Odbrana, this fighter procurement plans will enter the final stage, this month. Serbia must decide whether to choose a product developed by NATO or remain faithful to its main ally, Russia and China."

    This news is from one serbian newspaper, Kompas, and i found it on Military Photos site.

    So, do you know more about this?

    Many thanks,

    Iulian Iamandi/Resboiu dot ro