Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Rafale planing

Below are a few dates to remember

March 26 - April 6
Serpentex exercise, Solenzara / France

March 30 to May 3
Gulf exercice, UAE,. 6 Rafale and 3 Mirage 2000-5

May 26 - June 23
Mapple Flag exercice, Cold Lake / Canada (Rafale presence not confirmed)

May 28 - June 8
NATO Tiger Meet exercice, Norway

June 2-3
Mont-de-Marsan Air show

Normandie Niemen squadron 70th anniversary
GBU-24 operational on Rafale F3
Rafale F3.3 standard operational (Air to ground  targetting and L16 enhancements)

The 4 spheres of the Rafale simulation center get new functionalities (ASMP-A, AM-39 Exocet, Reco-NG and GBU)

Source: Air Actualites

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