Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's going on with export prospects ?

We have not given any news in this respect for a while, but there are some very interesting things to know which were published in the last four days...

The first one is about Brazil. How are the news on this side ? A decision was expected in the first half of the year. And the decision is : postponed ! Once again. So, this time, this should be over before the end of the year.

The following report by FlightGlobal, also deals with talks between Mrs. Roussef and Mr Hollande, during Rio +20, about a new proposal. Another effort is expected for the coming visit of Mrs. Roussef and Mr. Amorin in France this month.

The second information comes from SP's Aviation. They suggest that the ASMP-A operationnal firing "sweetens the deal".

Dassault Aviation, it may be noted, was the only one of the six MMRCA firms that explicitly detailed for the IAF its nuclear deterrent capability along with the test plans. The IAF, in fact, was briefed and kept in the loop about the ASMP-A test.

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