Thursday, August 16, 2012

100th Russian air force anniversary (August the 12th)

Thanks to Tonkatsu298

On the 13th, two Rafale accompanied by a Sukhoi flew over the Kazelski airfield so as to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Normandie-Niemen, as we could learn from the Armée de l'Air twits.
Hopefully, we will see pictures of this soon !!!


  1. Note the airbrake function during the "landing loop".
    According to the pilot, Michael Brocard, Typhoon can't extend the landing gear during this aerobatic manoeuvre (Raid Aviation n°2).

  2. Mighty impressive demo flight!

  3. Looks like the Indian deal is running into rough weather. First the Russian defence minister and now the Germans. What up really ? Haven't the French really learnt their lessons from the UAE deal. Or is the French now afflicted with Alzheimer disease ?

  4. Answer seem clear

    "We are not talking to anyone except Dassault Aviation whose Rafale aircraft has been selected as the lowest bidder in the multi-billion dollar contract," Defence Ministry sources said here.

    The Ministry was responding to reported claims made by German and Russian officials that India was discussing the contract with them and there was a possibility of the project being retendered.