Saturday, October 27, 2012

Future Rafale

Air & Cosmos revealed three days ago the new roadmap for the next software update of Rafale.

This will be standard F3-R and is planned for 2018 with :
  • Meteor ;
  • PDL-NG targeting pod (a replacement for Damocles) ;
  • IFF Mode 5/S ;
  • improved Link16 ;
  • Improved SPECTRA ;
  • Improved capabilities for RECO-NG pod (inspired by the intervention in Lybia) ;
  • Improved air-to-ground fire control (inspired by the intervention in Lybia).
 All the fleet will be retrofitted.


  1. Which improvment for SPECTRA ? DDM-NG ?
    And what capabilities for the RECO-NG and A2G fire control ? I thought on these points the Rafale was already very good.

    1. It is. We have no details yet, but I remember that just after the lybian conflict, pilots wanted the capability to target something they spotted through RecoNG, directly. This may be a hint...