Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting 2014 on the right track


  1. Looks like the numbers on the MMRCA deal could be reduced as costs have doubled. Current cost estimates put the cost at around $ 30B for 126 jets. That is unacceptable for a 4+ gen fighter. The only way this thing can move forward if at all. Dassault may have the option to build 40 in France and the remaining 40 in India.
    I understand this is what the new defense/finance minister Mr Jaitley has conveyed tothe visiting French foreign minister Mr. Fabius. France on the other hand will take what it can get. It's economy in shambles and in no position to negotiate.
    A point to note is that the Qataris may not pull the trigger on the Rafale until the Indians have signed on the dotted line, so its now or never for the Rafale.