Saturday, February 7, 2015

Egypt, the deal is about 24 Rafale

According to the french newspaper Les echos, the Egyptian delegation which left France last Friday reached an agreement for an order of 24 Rafale and 1 FREMM Frigate.

Egypt will have to pay 15% of the total cost to validate the purchase. 50% of the remaining cost will be covered by a loan garanteed by the French state.

Egypt would like the frigate and a first batch of jets to be delivered before august in order to display them during the inauguration of the new Suez Canal.

But besides the Canal parade, Egypt needs to renew its ageing fleet of non-american fighters : Indeed Egypt mainly operates modern american F-16 bk40 but the use of these aircrafts is closely monitored by Washighton. The rest of the Egyptian Air Force is composed of oudated Mirage 5, Mig-21, Chinese J-7 as well as a squadron of first generation Mirage 2000. In addition to the Rafale deal, there are rumors of a potential Mig-35 order from Russia and used mirage 2000-9 from the UAE.

Egypt is currently facing several potential threats from armed Jihadist groups from Libya and in the Sinai desert, not to mention the violent insurgencies in Syria and Irak.

Sources :
Les Echos

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