Saturday, June 13, 2015

Le Bourget 2015, Dassault static display takes shape

The Paris Air show will take place next week (06/15 to 06/21). As usual 2 Rafale will be prensent on the Dassaut aviation's static display :

A Rafale C from the Normandie Niemen squadron with a very peculiar asymmetrical loadout :
  • 3 AASM laser missiles on the left wing
  • 1 GBU-24 Laser guided bomb on the right wing
  • 4 mica missiles
  • A model of the futur Thales Talios pod
  • 1 AEROS recce pod
  • 2 x 2000L tanks
 The Rafale M42 (F3.4+ with OSF IT, RBE-2 AESA and DDM-NG) in Air to Air / Air to sea configuration (same as las year) :
  • 4 Meteor missiles
  • 4 Mica missiles
  • 1 AM-39 exocet anti-ship missile
  • 2 x 1250L tanks
Dassault press conference

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