Monday, November 23, 2015

Chammal, First missions for the CDG

2015/11/23 The Rafale M of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier have conducted their first strikes in Irak against IS positions around Mossoul and Ramadi. The video released today by the French Mindef shows 3 Rafale M being launched. The first 2 are loaded with AASM missiles and GBU-12 LGB. The 3rd one is equiped for reconnaissance with the AEROS pod. It is worth noting that this particular aircraft (M42) is one of the latest to have entered service with the French Navy. It is equiped with an AESA RBE-2 Radar, OSF-IT and DDM-NG (F3O-4T standard)

18 Rafale,  8 SEM and 2 E-2C are onboard the CDG: This is the biggest Rafale M deployment ever.

source: Mindef

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