Tuesday, July 27, 2010

French Rafale news

Spoted by Jagueli on Delta reflex the rafale B324 features a new large spin antenna. It is believed to be a com antenna.

The 30th rafale M has just been delivered to the french Navy.

The status of the rafale M is the following :

  • Prototype M01 : retired
  • Prototype M02 : new standard development
  • M1 : Used by Dasault for aircraft carrier trials
  • M2 to M10 : Put in storage. Upgrade to F3 standard expeted in 2014
  • M11 to M30 (minus M22/M25) : In operational service with 12F squadron
  • M22 and M25 : Lost due to a mid air collision on 24 september 2009

Only 3 rafale M deliveries were planed for 2011. The M31 should arrive before the end of the year. The delivery rate for the next years should be 2 or 3 per year which is very low !

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