Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rafale new antenna update

rafale B301 at Emmen air base in Switzerland (october 2009)
Some news about the mysterious antenna seen on the back of the rafale B324 : It appears that a similar antenna was already presents on the rafale B301 and B307 that took part in the Swiss trials back in october 2008. We know that those rafale had special equiments not yet operational in France like the RBE-2AA, the damocles pod and reco NG pods. Could it be a new sat com antenna dedicated to the reco NG pod ?

Edit : This new device is in fact a VHF/FM antenna which has also been installed on French Super Etendard and some Mirage 2000D to facilitate secured communications with Foward Air Controlers (Source Air Fan, February 2012)

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