Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Agapanthe 2010 : mission accomplished

Rafale M13 with 4 GBU-12

Last December, 25th, the CdG and her airgroup have left the Pakistani cost after 31 days of non stop mission above Afghanistan.
180 missons were flew among which
  • 138 CAS missions by the Rafale and Super Etendart
  • 33 EAW missions by E-2 Hawkeyes 
  • 10 Recce mission by Rafale
The ministry of defense reports that no weapon had to be fired. It is also worth noting that one aircraft was lost (Rafale M18) during the deployment.

After a brief Stop in the UAE, the CdG is sailing to India where it will participate in joint exercises with the Indian Navy
Rafale M in air refueling config
D620 Forbin, A607 Meuse, R91 CdG
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  1. attention aux multiples erreurs de frappe ou d'orthographe ,ça fait très amateur.
    Il en reste encore : Super EtendarD