Thursday, January 6, 2011

Video : Rafale test pilot Yves Kerherve

A rare footage of the French TV from 1996 (in french but cool images though).
The first part is about a casual day at the Istres Air Base in France and the flight test 761 of the Rafale C01 (the black one) with test pilot Yves "Bill" Kerhevé in the cockpit
The second part shows the preparation of a flight at the Seoul Airshow 1996 where the Rafale was presented for the first time. It was the begining of the korean contest which will end 9 years later by the victory of the Boeing F-15K. It is interesting to realize that at this time the French had barely a thin hope to win in Korea

For the record :
Kerhervé comment about the F/A-18C demo [4mi23s] :
"Well, my demo is clearly more compact. What he [F-18 pilot] is doing is very clean, very proffessional, but his plane is heavy, he needs to go far away to gain speed... he makes long fly by without doing anything, well, it's not really the philosophy of what we are trying to show with our plane [Rafale] : we try to show nonstop  maneuvrability, thus the plane is always moving/turning, on the contrary with the F-18, there are long fly by when nothing happens because he needs to position  itself.

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  1. With the guy playing "Prince of Persia" (11:44) I totally understand why we lost this deal now. LoL