Saturday, May 28, 2011

Libya, May 19-26th air operation stats

May 19-26th  missions log - (>200 sorties - rate>30 sorties/day - 20% of  NATO sorties - 30% of NATO ground attack sorties) :

  • CAS and interdiction (=) : 113 flights (Rafale, Mirage 2000D, Mirage 2000N,  Mirage F1 CR, Super Etendard)
  • Reconnaissance (-9%) : 40 flights (Rafale, Mirage F1 CR)
  • Inflight refueling (-4.5%) : 21 flights (C-135, Rafale M, Super Etendard)
  • AWACS (+57%) : 11 flights (E-3F, E-2C)
  • Air Defense (+59%) : 27 flights (Mirage 2000-5F)
Libyan Navy frigate Al Ghardabia hit by NATO fighters
About 30 targets destroyed :

  • Several ships including a "koni" frigate and Combattante patrol boat (Tripoli, Syrte)
  • about 6 military vehicules including 1 MBT (Tripoli, Brega)
  • 1 radar station west of Brega
  • about 20 ammunition depots (Tripoli, Zintan, Syrte, Misratah) 

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Also note that 3 Rafale and 1 Mirage F1 have left the Solenzara Air Base while 2 additional Mirage 2000N have arrived at La Suda.

A very nice video of a Canadian tanker refueling British Tornado and French Mirage F-1 and Rafale (recce moadoad) can be seen here

Finaly, Thursday, May 26th, the French authorities have held a press conference about the Rafale air operations since March 19th. In 2 months  the multirole fighter has performed some 2200 flight hours and more than 100 shots on Libyan ground forces. Most notably, several  AASM multitarget salvos have been demonstrated as well as the oustanting accuracy of the Reco-NG pod.
According to defense journalist JM Tangy, a real time demonstration of the AESA RBE-2 was also showcased at the Casaux Air Base.

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