Monday, May 30, 2011

Rafale picture of the day, ASMP-A spotted !

 Quite a rare sight : A Rafale from the CEAM squadron with an ASMP-A nuclear missile.


The ASMP-A (Air Sol Moyenne Porte Ameliore) is a stand off ramjet supersonic nuclear missile. It is equiped with a 300 kt warhead and its range reaches 500 km when launched at high altitude. It cruises at mach 2 at low altitude (mach 3 at high altidude) which makes it very difficult to intercept.

Its developpement started in 1997 and the missile entered operational service on French Air Force Mirage 2000 N in 2009 and 1 year later on the Rafale F3 (both in the French Air Force and Navy).
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  1. The Rafale pictured here, number B302, can be operated by the CEAM (French Air Force), Dassault Aviation or DGA Flight Testing.