Friday, August 12, 2011

Libya, the CdG is back at home

©French Navy - PM Stephane Dzioba
Friday August 12th, 4:15 pm, the Charles de Gaulle is making the last maneuvers in the Toulon port. The French aircraft carrier will rest reveral months in order to get the required maintenance work after almost 9 month at sea.
The crew was welcome by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Defense Minister Gerard longuet

The stats of the air group (10 Rafale, 6 Super Etendard, 2 hawkeye and Pedro helicopters) are impressive.

Since March 20th when it was engaged in the Libyan operations the CdG has logged  :

  • 138 days at sea (4,5 months) with a non stop period of 63 sailing days
  • 40.000 nautic miles (more than 70,000 km, almost twice the earth circonference)
  • 120 days of aeraonautical activities
  • 1590 sorties (13.25 sorties each day)
    • ground attack : 840 (Rafale and Super Etendard)
    • Reconnaissance : 390 (Rafale)
    • Air refueling : 240 (Rafale)
    • AEW : 120 (E-2C Hawkeye)
  • 2380 catapult launch and carrier landings
  • 3600 flight hours
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