Friday, April 20, 2012

AESA modules mystery...

©L'Est Républicain

For humour : It's getting even worst...

After pictures showing an array made of 838 modules, and other blurred pictures, a new article by L'Est Républicain indicates that there are actually 400 modules on this array. Thales advertise a more than 1000 modules array, their prototypes only show 838, and in the end, this article tells "400 modules".

Real information :
By the way, this article is more about the 50th anniversary of RealMeca and its implication in the production of the RBE-2 AESA, parts of Spectra, and missiles' seekers.
RealMeca is also known for their work in jewellery, watches, health.

Remember :


  1. The AESA t/r module takes a lot of time and RDT&E to miniaturize and mature.

  2. If RealMeca is a subcontractor to Tales, then the development of European AMSAR (Airborne Multirole Solid State Active Array Radar) falls under the leadership and management of GTDAR consortium (GEC-Thomson-DASA Airborne Radar) made up of their successor companies: BAE Systems, Thales, and EADS, respectively. The project began in 1993.

  3. Il faudrait commencer par apprendre à hierarchiser les sources; un article d'un quotidien régional écrit par un journaliste généraliste n'a pas valeur de reference technique au dela de l'evenement qu'il relate ... La seul aspect vraiment interessant dans cet article est qu'il démontre une fois de plus l'existence d'un véritable tissu de PME de haute technologie sans lequel le Rafale made in France n'existerait pas.

    1. The purpose of this blog is to talk about Rafale in English ;-)

      Buena, this article is to be read "with a pinch of salt". However, your comment reminds me I should have put a hint for the readers.