Friday, April 27, 2012

Rafale ill-treated by Typhoon ?

© A.JEULAND / Armée de l'Air
According to the latest Eurofighter World publication, Rafale from Saint Dizier had troubles in coping with RAF Typhoon from the No.3(F) Squadron :

The two aircraft have met several times during Dissimilar Air Combat Training and in almost all the encounters, Typhoon emerged with significantly better performances.

As stated to Eurofighter World by an Italian Air Force pilot who recently had a chance to enter into ‘combat’ against Rafale over the Tyrrenian sea : “It was an interesting duel. They are still trying to find where we were as we were flying and shooting at them well above the maximum flying envelope allowed to the Rafale” !

Interestingly, this extract comes after an introduction according to which "It has until now, been uncommon to see Eurofighter Typhoon and Rafale working together in a friendly way". Have they forgotten what happened in Al Dhafra and in Corsica ? Were the people at Eurofighter communication department eager to be finally allowed to publish such things ?

Of course, such statements have to be taken into account... As usually, without details, it's hard to draw conclusions, and as expected, both aircraft are very good. One can expect such articles to be  published from times to times on both sides !

 Examples here : Pilots claims about Rafale vs Typhoon after actual encounters.


  1. The lies of Eurofighter are just laughable and ridiculous ! It's a shame

  2. After mint lie announcing the victory of Eurofighter in India, it seem again misinformation for support the eurofigther, no news or source for confirmation, it is looking like, i have secret ! i see somebody in street at midight at train station, of course nobody can prove that, it is funny. if we get confirmation MOD that would be better news. BAE try all it can for save the face. Don t give importance to this news, it is a simple rumor for manipulation.

    The swiss report confirm the superiority of rafale on ef2000, india confirm the superiority of rafale on ef2000, brazil reject the EF2000 at fx2 since the begining, rafale operation was confirmed in libya not the ef2000 instead of tornado, each confrontation was in favor to rafale.

  3. J’avoue que la capacité des anglo-saxons a communiquer me fascine. En l'occurrence, ici, Il faut relativiser l'affaire. Les anglo-saxons ont inventes la notion de "plausible denial", la com eurofighter a étendu le concept au "plausible second best", ou les faits et la vérité importent peu .
    La méthode consiste a embellir ce qui n’est pas complément négatif et noircir ce qui va dans le sens contraire.
    Donc ici, pure technique anglo-saxone de com, dans une publication d'eurofighter.
    o On commence par du légitime, on caresse dans le sens du poil de l'entente cordiale et La coopération de RAF typhoon et du Rafale français
    o On met en lumière une performance, réelle ou imaginaire du Typhoon.Almost, et performance, dans le texte, sont importants :Le typhoon aurait , presque toujours , mais pas tout a fait, montré des performances supérieures et supposées. C'est suffisamment vague pour rester invérifiable et surtout non quantifiable. Cela fait référence à des performances, et non des résultats. A la finale, une telle phrase laisse supposer ( sans la poudre aux yeux ) que le Typhoon ne s'est pas complètement fait démonter, sans plus .
    o Puis on sombre dans la perfidie et la pique.Pour crédibiliser l'exagération du point précédent, on utilise, un élément complètement hors du cadre , mêlant fiction et pseudo réalité ( du pur Dan brown) . Pour le lecteur inattentif ou complaisant, il semblerait que cela s'inscrive dans la continuité du point précédent, alors que dans les faits, cela n'a rien a voir ( pilote Italien dans un sujet sur la rencontre RAF/ADLA !). A partir de la, il n'est même pas évident que ce qui est reporte s'inscrive dans la cadre d'un quelconque exercice.
    A la finale, c'est plutôt rassurant. Ma lecture : Le Typhoon n'a rien démontré de sensible lors de la rencontre RAF/ADLA. La com d’eurofighter a due racler les fonds de tiroirs, pour trouver un élément pseudo tangible et hors cadre pour positiver l'affaire et noircir le rafale.
    A noter que ceci s’inscrit dans la mouvance récentes, de communication , que ce soit une photo de F16 dans la HUD d’un Typhoon( une première ) , un papier qui excuse et relativise le manque de résultats , tout en suggérant une supériorité cachée et réservée pour les grands jours… !

  4. Sorry , posted in French by reflex , here is the transaltion
    I admit that the ability of Anglo-Saxon to communicate fascinates me. The Anglo-Saxons have invented the concept of "plausible denial", the com eurofighter extended the concept to "plausible second best", whre facts and truth do not matter.
    The method is to beautify what is no too negative and blacken anyhting otherwize.

    So here, pure Anglo-Saxon art com, a publication of eurofighter.
    o It starts with sneblent of legitimacy , of the Entente Cordiale and cooperation of RAF Typhoon and French Rafale
    o It highlights performance, real or imaginary Typhoon.Almost, and performance, in the text, are important: The typhoon would, almost always, but not quite, showed assumed superior performance. This is vague enough to remain unverifiable and unquantifiable . This refers to performance, not results. At the end, this sentence says little more (without the biaise) than the Typhoon was not completely in dismay.
    o Then come perfidy and the stroke.To accentuate, the prior claim , an out of context element is introduced , mixing fiction and reality ( pure Dan Brown stylish ). For the inattentive reader or complacent one, it would seem that this fits with the prior claim , when in fact it has nothing to do with it (Italian pilot in a subject on the meeting RAF / Adla !). From there, one could wonder it this even occured in any exercise.

    At the end, this is reassuring. My reading: The Typhoon did not demonstrated anything significant at the meeting RAF / Adla. The eurofighter's com , worked hard to find a tangible element to brighten the case and darken the rafale.
    Note that this is part of the recent sets of communication, be it a photo of F16 in a Typhoon's HUD (a first), or a paper that excuses and downplays lacks of result, all the while suggesting a superiority hidden and reserved for the big day ...!

  5. Courage, mes amis en France : 28 April 2012

    This is an assessment from Calcutta and Delhi.

    Your cousins d'outre manche seem to be getting more and more desperate. And you know them too well from your history - they can stoop to any depths to achieve their aims. And this time they have les boches to guard their derriere.