Saturday, August 28, 2010

AASM bomb too expensive ?

According to La tribune newspaper, the CPRA (french equivalent of the british GAO) is pointing out the excessive cost of the Sagem AASM smart bomb used on the Rafale.
La tribune reports that a single AASM would cost €351,158 to the french tax payer (total program cost of €846 million for 2,346 units). The high price would be mainly due to the 3-4 years delay during the devellopment of the weapon caused by program management issues.

Sagem has denied those figures on the well known "Secret Defense" blog, stating that the french armed forces will buy some 4,148 AASM, bringing down the total unit price to €200,000.

It is also worth noting that the AASM is more a slow and cheap guided missile than an expensive bomb.
Its unique capabilities (3 main guidance options, multi-target, all weather, stand off range even at low altitude and high off boresight shooting capability) may somehow justify a relatively high price tag.
Finally, if the AASM has been notorious for its chaotic development, it is now praised for its outstanding efficiency, accuracy, range and tactical versatility.

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