Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rafale and Eurofighter selected by the Indian Airforce ?!

According to the Indian channel  TIMESHOW.TV, the Indian Air Force would have selected the Dassault Rafale and the Eurogihter Typhoon for the final run of the MMRCA competition :

The article states that :

"Despite MiG 35s big thunder, its engine failing to impress while the F-16, according to the IAF has no future. Another reason favouring Rafale and Eurofighter is political. Thomas Matussek, German Ambassador, “We regard India as a strategic security partner and this is why we do not insist on an end user monitoring agreement period.” So when the mother of all defence deals is signed for the 126 Multi-Role Combat Aircraft either Rafale or the Eurofighter will fly away with the Rs 42,000 crore deal."

If this short list is confirmed by the Indian governement, it will be the first time that the 2 european fighters will meet in the final of a contest.
In Korea, Singapore and Brazil , the Tyhoon was eliminated  before the Rafale.
In Saudi Arabia, the Typhoon was selected witout a competition (despite french president Jacques Chirac pressures to sell the Rafale).

On a pure technical point of view, both aircrafts are very similar. The Eurofighter is often believed to be a better Air 2 Air machine while the Rafale would be a more versatile fighter jet with the ability to perform air to ground and air to air attacks simultaneously.
However, recent international exercices would have proven the Rafale to be more than a match for the Typhoon in both ACM (Air Combat maneuvering) and BVR (Beyong Visual Range). The key points of the Rafale advantage over its european brother would be
  • a better RCS (radar cross section)
  • a sensor fusion system allowing a better situational awareness in complex BVR engagements
  • The TV sensor of the SFO  allowing long range identification
  • The SPECTRA ECM suite allowing passive targeting and missile guidance
  • The mica passive IIR BVR missile
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