Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indian Ministry of Defence denies the TimeShow TV shortlist

Jane's reports that the the indian Ministry of Defense has officialy denied the shorlist revealed by TmeShow TV last week.
According to the indian television, the Rafale and Eurofighter would have been seclected by the IAF for the final round of the MMRCA contest.

In the meantime other rumors from India Strategic Affairs Magazine were stating that the Mig-35, F-16IN and Typhoon  were the frontrunners while the Rafale, F-18E and Gripen would be out.

The well informed LiveFist blog has also brought more interesting material in the rumor bag :
  • The IAF evaluation would be based on 643 performance tests
  • The IAF repport would make no recommendation but would only present the raw results of each test.
It seems that that we will have to wait for an official declaration from the India Mindef to know the truth...

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