Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rafale M24 : the nuke one

Rafale m24 "nuke" logo
During the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the french "Aeronautique Navale" at Hyere NAS (06/13/2010), the Rafale M24 was spotted with a nice nuke logo under its windshield. The M24 was, indeed the plane that was used to make the first validation shot of the new ASMP-A nuclear missile from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier (10/26/2009)

Rafale M24 during a transonic fly by (©Romain Salerno)

The Rafale M F3 of the french navy replaces the Super Etendard for the nuclear mission since early 2010 when the Navy declared the IOC of the missile on its Rafale.

A detailed article from Air&Cosmos magazine (07/07/2010) can be read here

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