Saturday, February 19, 2011

IDEX 2011, Rafale omnirole load-out

UAE multirole load-out
Seen on the display stand of MBDA at IDEX military fair taking place this week in the UAE : a heavy Rafale omnirole load-out. 
  • 4 mica IR/EM mix
  • 2 meteor (on the rear fuselage hardpoints)
  • 1 scalp/black shaheen cruise missile
  • 1 AM-39 bk2 exocet anti-ship missile
  • 3 SBU-38 Hammer INS/GPS/IIR bombs
It is not rare to see exotic weapon configurations on missile manufacturer stands but this particular one is really a premiere. Whether it has any operational relevance remains to be confirmed though.

Source : Xav on Air Defense ;)

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  1. wow!!!! it's truly omnirole fighter!!!!
    I like "Rafale M" very much..
    If I was Indonesian President, I will arm Indonesian Air Force and Navy with Rafale M in a form of "Joint Force Rafale M"..
    Indonesian Air Force will operate at least 140 Rafale M in 7 front-line land-based Fighter-Bomber Squadron, while the Navy will operate 60 Rafale M aboard a conventionally-powered aircraft carrier in the same size of the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)..
    Indonesian Armed Force will be the "Tiger of South East" with it's Rafale M..