Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Indian Air Force MMRCA ranking

Livefist has published the results of a pool on different possible MMRCA rankings.
Well, nothing new at first sight...
Howerver one of the choice in the list is said by the author to be the actual ranking leaked by IAF officers to selected journalists at Aero India 2011.
If tue, then we can conclude the following :

  • Mig-35 is N°6
  • F-16 is N°5
  • Gripen is N°3 or N°4
  • Eurofighter is N°1 or N°2
  • Rafale is N°1 or N°2 or N°3
  • F/A-18 is N°1 or N°2 or N°3 or N°4 
According to Livefist, the official IAF ranking should be released in few weeks...

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