Monday, February 14, 2011

UAE Deal secured for the Rafale ?

UAE Crown Prince - Paris, 2010 Dec. 15
The French newspaper La Tribune Reveals that the agreements reached last January, 25 with the UAE to allow more commercial flights in France for Emirates and Etihad Airways would include (off the records) the assurance that the Gulf state will buy some 60 Rafale.
Indeed, Back in June, the request for additional flights in France by the two Arab airlines, was dismissed by the French authorities who were protecting the Air France's interests. 

The failed negotiations provoked a series of commercial retaliations from the UAE, including the unilateral stop of the ongoing Rafale deal by the Crown Prince himself.

December 15, crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, met french president Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris. Apparently, the meeting allowed to settle the different issues and new negotiations were scheduled in Abu Dhabi in January when the final agreements were signed providing new slots in French skies for Emirates and Etihad Airways to the expense of Air France. The side benefits of these concessions would be the garanty that the UAE will fulfill several "on old" deals among which the Rafale one.

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