Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rafale could be offered to the Bulgarian Air Force


Bulgaria will spend a billion levs for fighter planes.
The Ministry of Defence launched the procedures for the most awaited for tender in the Army, the Standart learnt. The Ministry sent inquiries to the manufacturers of F -16 (Lockheed Martin), F-18 (Boeing), Gripen (SAAB). Eurofighter (EADS) and Rafale (Dassault). The inquiries have been made via diplomatic channels and namely the assistance of the ambassadors of the USA, Sweden, Germany and France to Bulgaria, sources from the Ministry reported.  The Russian producers have not been contacted despite the readiness Mig-39 (Ed. Mig-29 / Mig-35 ? ) manufacturers expressed to take part in the tender.
Bulgaria seeks to buy eight fighters, two of them training ones. The framework contract option provides an opportunity for the delivery of eight other aircrafts at a later stage.
The aircraft may be second-hand. 

As the Bulgarian govenrnment has been delaying this purchase for years due to lack of funds they will most probably go for the cheapest bid (second hand F-16 or Gripen)

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