Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fighting Spirit exercise

Rafale M. Picture credit : French Navy
The British exercise "Fighting Spirit" took place in Corwall between March 14th and 17th. In addition to the Royal Navy HMS Edinburgh Type-42 Destroyer and RAF E-3D AWACS, Rafale M from Landivisiau AB and USAFE F-15 C/E from Lakenheath AB were involved in the meeting. It is worth noting that Link 16 transmissions were used between the British ship/AWACS and the French Rafale.

According to the French Navy : "4 to 6 Rafale M were taking part in the training each day. Rafale pilots had the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to face F-15 fighters equiped with very efficient radar. By observing the US tactics, they managed to adapt and enhance theirs."

Source : French Mod

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