Thursday, March 10, 2011

Serpentex 2011

Rafale C and Mirage 2000D
The first stage of  Serpentex 2011 is taking place on the Air Base 126 in Corsica between March 8th and 17th.
3 Rafale participate in the exercise alongside 6 mirage 2000 D, 4 Mirage 2000N, 3 Mirage 2000 C, 3 Mirage F1 CR as well as aircrafts from USA, Italy, UK, Slovakia and Belgium.

The purpose of Serpentex is to prepare the crews to the Afghan theater : The Training is focusing on Close Air Support missions in mountainous environment. The work with Forward Air Controlers in an all english speaking network is also one of the main training axis for the French pilots.

For its next deployement to Afghanistan this year, the Rafale will be equiped for the first time with the Damocles LDP and the Rover data link system.

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Edit : Air&Cosmos and Air Forces Monthly report that the first tests of Damocles in Afghanistan have been perform by the Rafale M of the CdG last january 2nd.

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