Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libya, stunning video of the carrier operations onboard the CdG

This video from the French Navy is of oustanding quality and show the first Rafale landings and take off while the CdG was sailing to Lybia on Monday March 21st. Play it loud ! the raw sound on the deck of the aircraft carrier is astonishing.

Note at 5:00 the 2 Rafale are launched with their Damocles pods. Although the French Navy had performed some tests over Afghanistan with the Damocles LDP last January, this is the first time that pictures of operational Rafale M are released with this pod on the CdG.

At the end of the video we can also watch the loading of a live Mica IR Missile on the Wing tip of a Rafale. Quite a rare sight too. 

Libya : The CdG is powering up by ministeredeladefense


  1. there are news reports about a french warplane shooting down a LARAF aircraft, possibly a SOKO Galeb, wonder if the shooter was a Rafale or a Mirage 2000-5F

  2. according to Combat Aircraft the Damocles pod was only cleared when CdG returned from Afghanistan and first used operationally in anti-piracy missions off the horn of Africa