Thursday, March 24, 2011

Libya, Scalp strike on Hun Air base

Rafale M23 takes off the CdG with a scalp - March 23-24th 2011
The French Mod has reported that the french Air Force and Navy have conducted a join long range scalp strike on an unnamed Libyan Air base (Hun Air Base according to RFI) during the wednesday-Thursday 23rd-24th night.
6 Fighters were involved : 2 Mirage 2000D, 2 Rafale B and 2 Rafale M from the CdG. Therefore possibly 6 to 8 scalp missiles were fired.
These are the first scalp missiles ever fired by the French forces and thus, the Rafale, during an actual war mission.

Pictures credit : French Mod
Weapon specialist load a scalp on a Rafale B - March 23-24th 2011

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