Friday, November 25, 2011

Afghanistan, Rafale and Mirage support Italian troops

Defense journalist JM Tanguy reports that a patrol of 1 Rafale and 1 Mirage 2000D has engaged Taliban fighters in order to support Italian ground troops. Apparently the timing was tight :

12h20 : take off
12h40 : retasking by the Italian JTAC
01h00 : The Rafale and the Mirage arrive on the zone
01h10 : GBU-12 are fired to Support Italian troops
01h30 : Show of force
03h55 : landing

The 3 Rafale deployed in Afghanistan will return to France in a few days


  1. Il y a comme un problème avec le lien, il ne redirige pas vraiment vers le mamouth. lol.

  2. Hello Kovy,

    thanks for your blog

    It would be nice to add a new tab near "Rafale Weapon load" about a clear rafale detail cost

    People think the rafale cost 150ME,

    They make mistake between all include global price (simulator,training,etc..) and the rafale unit price of 80ME. cost hour/fight, maintenance cost etc...

    Comparison price & cost with EF2000/F35/...

    With explaination bid by country like (UAE 60 rafale = 10 B$ and India 126 rafale 10 B$)

    I can be a good idea, because many abuse on it


  3. It's very difficult to estimate aircrafts prices, expecially for export as they are usualy part of a large package of weapons, training, facilities, spare parts and ToT.
    Besides, there are various ways to calculate the cost of a jet and it depends a lot on the country of origin. (as instance, sometimes, VAT is included, sometimes not)
    TMor made a nice analyss of the Rafale program costs on the Rafale International forum :