Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pool, The most likely Rafale export(s)

Brazil, Qatar, United Arabe Emirates, Switzerland, Malaisya, Kuwait, Greece, India ... all those countries have shown or are showing interest in the Rafale. According to you which are the most likely to order the French Fighter jet ?
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  1. Too bad, Romania will not buy Rafale.

  2. Greece either.. No money no honey :(

  3. Pakistan was interested in past but now we are purchasing j-10b at half price.
    price of rafale is much high than all other jets of its type

  4. @resboiu - Romania cannot afford to buy F16s without financing from US, so no, they will not be able to buy Rafale.

    @My Name is Khan - the J10b is yet to be shown to be even as good as Mirage2000 so not comparing like for like.

  5. Rafale won't get sold anywhere until the Dassualt Family gets a big slap in the face from the government.

  6. JAS39 Gripen would be a good replacement for MIG21. Less costly than Rafale, Eurofighter or F-18. It is more modern than F-16 although somewhat less powerful. For Romania, now, it would be good enough. The Romanian Government is making a mistake trying to get a deal on the F-16. It is to no avail; The used F-16's are simply not adequate for defending the Romanian air space. And the current F-35 unit cost is 118 million dollars.
    Stop screwing around. Do something or the country will become defenseless without a credible Air force.
    Roshe (New York).