Friday, November 11, 2011

UAE, Dubai Air show starts November 13

The Dubai Air Show will take place from November 13 to November 17. The French Air Force will send 3 Rafale to the fair: 2 for the static display and 1 for the in flight solo display.
The French Air Force chief, General Palomeros, will be present at the opening ceremony on November 13.

The French authorities are in final negotiations with the UAE for the purchase of 60 Rafale, but it is not known if an announcement will be made during the Air show.


  1. Is this the "Patrouille de France" on the flyer? If so, it cannot be a bad sign :)

  2. Strange, UAE is requesting a competitive offer from Eurofichter.

  3. Haha, Eurofighter sneaks in last minute proposal. Rafale is screwed.

  4. Well, the fight is only begining. After all, this is "only" the 3rd competitor (after the F-18E and F-16E) brought up by the UAE to challenge the Rafale. Apparently, the 2 first failled. let's wait and see how long the Typhoon will manage to remain alive in the arena