Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UAE, France still confident regarding the Rafale sale

French Defense Minister and Air Force chief at the Dubai Airshow
Despite all the noise surrounding the RFP sent to Eurofighter Gmbh, French authorities present at the Dubai Airshow seem quite confident about a favorable outcome for the Rafale. Though they probably have been surprised by this announcement whereas they were hopping for a signature during the fair. Nevertheless, several positive statements have been made since the RFP development.

The French Air Force chief, General Palomeros has insisted on the fact that the technical part of the negociations (system upgrades and new weapon loads) have been settled and agreed. The UAE also abandoned their request for a more powerfull M88-2 after several successfull tests in hot temperture condition.

According to General Palomeros on ainonline:

"We would like to achieve a common standard, and invest in new capabilities" (additional radar modes, electronic warfare and communications).They [the UAE] are not buying an aircraft, they are buying a system, and France is a real partner
"The negotiations are now about the cost of maintenance and manpower. The French defense ministry has also been negotiating a costed, long-term support contract with Snecma for the M88

This is also confirmed by UAE's former Air Force chief, Major General Khaled al-Buainnain who said last Saturday to

"There's no required enhancements.The UAE has always special requirements. I think the enhancement issue is over, the issue is now financial and contractual. This is a massive project that needs deliberate study."

Tactical Report is also pointing out the fact that from the UAE point of view, the Typhoon RFP should not be interpreted as a lower interest for the Rafale.

With 3 highly important contests (UAE, India and Switzerland) involving the Rafale and the Typhoon, expected to be decided before the end of the year, both delta canard jet teams are pushing hard to occupy the mediatic ground and appear in a favourable stance.


  1. Apparently, the UAE has officially rejected Dassault offer. see (in French)

  2. Apparently, if you read the article, it states there's an impasse not an official rejection. UAE are driving a v hard bargain, about all that can be gleaned from this particular article. I'm sure EF fanboys like DeadCanard will trawl for more good news ;)

  3. I think the article is pretty clear that they reject the current offer. That does not mean that Dassault cannot submit another one.

    Making a public statement *after* the EF proposal disclosure is really a public blow to Dassault. I can't see how this can be interpreted otherwise.
    However, if a UAE Rafale deal is signed quickly, I will stand corrected.

  4. More coverage:

    Please refrain from the name calling. I'd like the Rafale deal to be signed as much as everyone here but I am flabbergasted by the number of misses on practically signed deals by Dassault.

  5. ... and off you went trawling for more of that good "news" ;)

  6. Oh dear, things just go from bad to worse for this third-rate fighter.

    The fact that the Prince dishes out praise for Sarkozy - hoping not to affect relations between the two countries - and heaps all the blame on Dassault tells us that this deal is off.

    What a waste of three years.

  7. Heh, I simply wanted to show that I am not the only one seeing this as a huge blow to Dassault. Shiv is no EF fanboy.