Friday, January 27, 2012

Rafale M carrier landing training at Lann Bihoué Naval Base

5 Rafale M are currently detached to the Lann Bihoué Naval Base for carrier  landing training. The base is indeed equiped with an Optical Landind System (OLS) similar to the one onboard the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.
Those trainings will also take place at the Istres Air Base in order to reduce noise disturbances for the civilians living near the Landivisiau Naval base from which the Rafale M usualy operate.

During those simulated carrier landings, the aircrafts are guided by both the OLS and the Landing Signal Officers (who are experienced pilots themselves) and must touch the runway in a very small box to validate the landing, then they apply full engine power and go for another approach and so forth.  As during real carrier operations, each plane lands about 45s after the previous one.

Junior Rafale M pilots as well as veterans have to perform those intense trainings in order to be ready for the next Charles de Gaulle deployement that will take place next March.

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