Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When MMRCA winner will be revealed ?

Only 7 days left in January and still no sign from the Indian Ministry of Defense.
When do I think the winner will be announced ? My bet is Friday 27 2012, the day after the Republic day.
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  1. "By the time they make up their mind, others will be flying spaceship already," a mischievous officer once remarked. More waiting, that's for sure!

  2. It can be any day from now until early February. Any unexpected delays after that could push it beyond March as crucial state-level elections are due in weeks; any whiff of scandal or protests would intimidate the government.

    There was a senior-level cabinet meeting on Tuesday (24th) which discussed the MMRCA and other outstanding contracts. It was the first time in several weeks that the government offered some information officially on the same; most of what we have seen in recent days is rumour mongering.


    And jokes aside, one of the reasons why the L-1 deliberations have taken so long is most likely due to the nature of the two bids. The Rafale is most likely to be the cheaper aircraft while EADS would have offered a more competitive offsets package; the issue here is France has reportedly offered high-end technology (engines, nuclear, submarine-related). So, once you factor in all these-flyaway, offsets and long-term strategic priorities, its not easy to arrive at a quick decision.

    Then there is the issue of dealing with one country political rather than an unwieldy consortium-



    PS-in your blog, you mention Wednesday as the 27th-it should be Friday.

  3. To be honest, I wouldn't be that surprised if the M-MRCA deal takes a few steps back. The prices are much too high for India, but on the other hand, India needs state of the art fighters that can counter Chinese and Pakistani-4.5 generation fighters.

    The Rafale and the Eurofighter are both great jets and would sure enough be able to counter J-11's, JF-17's or even J-10's. But at close to a 100 million dollars per plane, the price might be too high for India. Neither the F-16 nor the MiG-35 would be able to re-enter, but my guess is that they could be looking at re-doing the evaluation, placing the F-35A, the F-15E/SE, the F/A-18E/F, the Gripen E/F and possibly even the Su-35BM back into the picture.

    The Gripen E/F (initial price & operating costs) and the Su-35BM (initial price) would be better from an economical perspective, but are both in the same league as the Eurofighter or the Rafale, while the F-15E/SE & the F-35 would bring more specialized air-ground abilities (at almost the same cost).

    But it's probably more likely the Rafale gets chosen. Atleast I hope so.

  4. Lander

    Why select the F-15S/E and the SU-35BM while the SU-30 gives you most of the same capabilities barring a few? The Super Hornet is and will remain a strike-oriented platform.

    About prices, the Indian government and MOD knew what the prices were the moment these aircraft were allowed to bid and it would have played a role in considering it's performance as well. To think that they had totally divorced the bidding/evaluation process from the pricing is totally ludicrious and is only the work of journalists who are either dumb or have other interests to shout about.

    If the Eurocanards are unaffordable, so with the F-35 be. And more so. A retendering process will take years to complete and the IAF has few options to look at in the interim. The two Eurocanards come with both capability as well as an offsets/strategic benefits package which will you get only once in a generation.

    1. I agree. From what I have understood so far, I would say it is highly unlikely that they would cancel the competition. The Indians seem to be in real need to upgrade their fleet. This is not just an exercise in geopolitical relations. Maybe that is also why actual requirements are driving the process(at least purportedly) instead of political considerations.

  5. “Rafale News” is undoubtedly the most authoritative site covering the fighter on the web. No other site can count on effective industry and official backing. Thus, we can be sure that all the information contained is taken into account very seriously by operators and potential clients alike.
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    All the considerations will certainly be taken into account by India.