Sunday, January 15, 2012

Serge Dassault confident about a first Rafale export soon ?

Serge Dassault on I-Tele
Sunday January 15, during a debate about French economic issues on I-Tele, Senator Serge Dassault, president of Groupe Dassault, estimates that  good news about Rafale export could be announced soon. However, he didn't tell  which country could be concerned by this export.
The current 3 main export prospects for the Rafale are India, the UAE and Brazil.

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  1. Kovy,

    Another 'rumour/speculation' in another Indian paper-this time saying that the 'French proposal is believed to be slightly cheaper'

    The publication is an older and generally more sober and reliable source than LiveMint which published rumours of the Typhoon being L1 a week ago.