Friday, November 26, 2010

Brazilian pilots in love with the Rafale

Rafale and mirage 2000-5 flying side by side ©01.002 squadron
Well at least, that what the french Rafale pilot Captain Romain is telling on his blog :

From now on, the Brazilians were able to fly on Rafale and their pilots are now, as every pilot who has tested the Rafale, merely in love of a fully omnirole and operational aircraft.

This was in response to a reader who was worrying about the increasing anti-french attitude of some brazilian media (blogs and newspapers) which are openly lobbying for Saab and which are at the origin of the widely spread rumor telling that the FAB is in favor of the Gripen. 

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  1. Knowing the costs of Grippen vs Rafale, if I'm Brazilian, I'd rather get some SAAB....
    And Grippen is already an export success!!