Monday, November 29, 2010

Rafale M18 crash update

Rafale M18 on the CVN-71 ©US Navy - 2008
The Rafale M F3 which crashed 100km off the pakistani cost yesterday was the M18 delivered in 2008 to the french Navy.
Apparently, the pilot was very experienced on the type with more than 2000 flight hours and a participation to the last Aghanistan campaign in 2007..

The wreckage of the plane are laying at a depth of more than 2500 m.
The first rumors tell that the crash could have been provoked by a fuel management problem or mistake.

For the record, the M18 was among the 6 Rafale M F2 which took part in the JTFEX exercice with the US Navy in June and July 2008. During the exercice, it was integrated to the carrier air wing 7 on board the CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt from july, 17th to july, 23rd.
As such, it is one of the very rare french fighter jet which had the opportunity to be landed by night on a US super carrier.

It was also the Rafale that made the Navy demonstration at the "Ferté Alais" show in May 2009.

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