Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lula will decide FX2 winner before 2011

While his successor, Dilma Rousseff, has just been elected last Sunday, Lula has, once again, confirmed monday that the winner of the FX2 contest will be decided before the end of his mandat (ie before the end of 2010).

The decision to buy the 36 fighters was postponed in order not to interfer with the Brazilian october elections. Indeed, an announcement favoring the french Rafale could have been used as a negative polical argument against Lula's party : The Rafale is said to be the most expensive of the 3 fighters so it could have been difficult to justify such an expense while the Brazilian opposition and strong industrial lobbies are pushing for closer ties with the USA (Boeing F/A-18E) or the cheap Gripen NG.

If the Rafale was to lost this contest, its export future would be in great trouble, especially since the negociations with the UAE are sloshing.

Meanwhile, Cruzex 2010 has just started. This major military exercice is taking place in Brazil in november. 3 french Rafale will participate for the first time.

Picture : Current Brazilian President Lula (left) and Future President Rousseff (right)

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