Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FX-2 : Boeing is playing its last card

SAO PAULO — Boeing is offering to partner with Brazil's Embraer on a new fighter jet, in an effort to strengthen its bid for a multi-billion-dollar Brazilian defense contract, the US manufacturer said in a report Monday.
Joseph McAndrew, Boeing's vice president for Europe, Israel and America, told business publication Valor that the firm proposed 10 partnership projects with Brazil's aviation leader, including building a new plant in the country to build parts for Boeing's F/A-18 Super Hornet.
Valor reported that Boeing offered Embraer assembly of the F/A-18, as well as manufacture of the nose, wings and tail.
"Never before has Boeing offered such a broad, clear package of technology transfer dedicated to Brazil," McAndrew told the journal.
"All elements of the US government that could veto such a transfer signed a pledge saying they will not veto it. Both Congress and the Defense Department," he said.

guns, guns, guns ! The F/A-18E is in the Rafale gunsight, this time...

Rafale News comment : Boeing last chance in the FX-2 contest was a victory of Jose Serra (pro-US center right PSDB party) at the presidential elections in October. Fortunately for Dassault, Dilma Rousseff won. This desperate move is more an indication that the fight is over for the Super Hornet in Brazil. The Next round will be for the UAE  market and , this time, we can be sure that the US commercial and political war machine will run at full power to crunch the Rafale hopes...

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