Monday, September 19, 2011

Flotille 11F switches to Rafale M

Monday September 19th, the French Navy Flotille 11F has officially switched from the Super Etendard to the Rafale M. This second Rafale M unit should be operational next summer. Capitaine de Fregate Bertrand Lepoutre is the new commander of the 11F.

Formaly named "1F" after WW2, the Flotille will only get its curent name in 1953. At the time the Flotille 11F flies on F4-F Helcat and is deployed in Indochina. In 1955 the Hellcats are replaced by Aquillion which will served during the Algerian conflict. From 1962 to 1978, The 11F operates the Etendard IVM and since 1978, the Super Etendard and its modernized versions.

Based at Landivisiau Naval Base, the 11F have been deployed several times to Afghanistan since 2001 onboard the CdG aircraft carrier.

The same day, Capitaine de Fregate Jean de Larivière has taken the Command of the Flotille 12F, the first Rafale M unit which entered operational service in 2004.
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