Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Switzerland, Budget for 22 new fighter jets approved

Rafale B301 during the Armasuisse trials, october-November 2008
September 28th, the Council of the states approved the budget to order 22 new fighter jets, rejecting the referendum option.
If this order is stated in the 2012 defense program, the winner of the contest should be revealed before February 2012.

The next 4 months might be very hot for the Rafale with 3 major export prospects which could select (or not) the French fighter.

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As a reminder :

India :
126 aircrafts.
Contenders : Rafale, Eurofighter
Decision expected : before the end of the year

60 aircrafts.
Contenders : Rafale, F-18E/F, F-16E/F (not an open contest)
Decision expected : possibly before the 2011 Dubai Air show (November 13-17th)

Switzerland :
22 aircrafts.
Contenders : Rafale, Eurofighter, Gripen
Decision expected : before February 2012

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