Monday, September 5, 2011

FX-2, Rafale presentation to the Committee on External Relations and National Defense

The main points raised by Jean-Marc Merialdo  (Director of Dassault International and representative of Brazil's Rafale International in Brazil) were the following:

  • The 3 companies of the Rafale Consortium (Dassault Aviation, Thal├Ęs and Snecma) have extensive experience in the international aviation market.
    • 135000 people
    • sales : $40 billion
    • backlog : $100 billion
    • Dassault has delivered more than 8000 aircrafts to 70 countries and developped  more than 100 prototypes
  • The Rafale advantages:
    • Twin engine aircraft for more power and safety (flying over dangerous areas like Amazon forest or Atlantic ocean)
    • Omnirole capability : perform Air to Air, ground attack and tactical or strategic reconnaissance mission in the same flight.
    • Replace several types of aircrafts : simplify logistic and crew training.
    • The only aircraft able to carry 1.5 times its empty weight while remaining very compact.
    • Range/payload efficiency sligtly better than the much larger Super Hornet and far better than the Gripen.
    • Production garanteed until 2030 for French need only.
    • Ranked first in Korea contest (F-15 won on political ground only)
    • Shortlisted by India who dismissed both the Gripen and the Super Hornet
    • Navy version operational on medium carriers (unlike Gripen)
    • 90-95% commonality between the navy and Air Force Version allowing common logistic support and crew training
  • Transfer of technology:
    • 100% from french origin
    • French Transfer of technology only depends on the French presidency (unlike US TOT which need the Congress agreement) and has already been granted 
    • Transfer of technology is considered as a part of the strategic partnership betweenBrazil and France and will be without restriction
  • Offset Examples :
    • Integation of new weapons through source code transfer
    • Production of the Rafale wings for Brazil, France and other export costumers
    • Production of the Radar
    • Engine maintenance
    • Development of new weapons
    • Future devolopments for Brazilian or French needs
    • When acquired by Brazilian engineers, the techologies are not restricted and can be used in other strategic areas
    • Dassault, Thales and Snecma has already a strong cooperation experience with the Brazilian Industry
    • Offsets reach 160% of the aircrafts purchase (both in defense and civilian projects)
    • Direct offer to purchase a dozen of Brazilian KC-390 including French industry support for the aircraft development
  • Low risk program with strong commitment from both French government and industry 

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