Saturday, September 3, 2011

Libya, AASM-IR is combat proven

Since august 18th and a picture released by the French Air Force, There were strong rumors about the first strikes using the AASM-IR in Libya. Indeed, the 2 AASM visible on the picture (see on the left) had the typical transparent window of the AASM-IR head.

It now has been confirmed by Air&Cosmos in its yesterday issue that the IR version of the AASM bomb has actually been fired in Libya for the first time, a few weeks only after it entered operational service on the Rafale.

The AASM-IR (SBU-64) is capable of 1m accuracy compared  to the 10m of the GPS/INS version (SBU-38).
A new anti-tank mode (new targeting algorithms to recognize vehicles) is also under development for this smart bomb.

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