Thursday, June 23, 2011

Le Bourget 2011, color HUD video

commentary translation :

Title : World premiere - digital 2-colors HUD
Guillaume Grasset
Rafale simulation trial ingineer
fighter pilot - Flight test center, Istres

"I present the 2-color digital HUD prototype which is a world premiere
First, the HUD is the most important flight instrument for a fighter pilot. It allows the pilot to visualize a maximum of flight data without having to look inside the cockpit.
What's new compared to an analogic monochrome HUD are the 3D ground display and the full field high definition video display allowing to fly day or night with low visibility.. Morever, the tracing is more accurate, the font can be changed, higlighting or flat area are possible. But the greatest novelty, the technological breakthrough, is the addition of the red color. The DGA role is to help the manufacturers to develop this prototype and assess this technology"

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